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The Directors Event

The Directors Event: 9 JUNE 2017

MMI Holdings, in partnership with the Sunday Times Top 100, is proud to bring you The Directors Event: South Africa’s biggest board meeting.

South Africa’s biggest board meeting will convene to confront issues in a series of hard-hitting round table discussions, at close quarters with in-depth moderation by leading media personalities

On the agenda for this year:

Protecting SA's economy - short-term solutions for long-term gain

South Africa’s economic prospects are expected to improve in 2017 with the Reserve Bank projecting a 5.8% inflation average versus the last three year’s averages of 6.4%, 6.6% and 6.0%. Former Finance minister Pravin Gordhan also provided further relief when he announced late 2016 that South Africa was not likely to slip into another recession unless we experienced an unexpected, external shock. There is plenty more work to be done however, if we hope to significantly restore business and investor confidence in our country. Join our panel of economists and public and private sector representatives as we discuss short-term solutions that could benefit South Africa’s economy in the long run.

Youth education and employment - bridging the gap in digital times

The critical debate on access to affordable education continues even as our youth continues to face a number of other challenges. Tertiary institutions are increasingly unable to accommodate the growing numbers of hopeful students. There is also a growing skills shortage in the employment market, even among graduates, as more and more employers seek trained personnel who are ready to spearhead their organisation’s success through technologically innovative solutions. If the business community can help bridge these gaps, we will succeed in curbing the ever-increasing unemployment rates that are ultimately hurting our economy. Join our panel as we discuss the importance of education, entrepreneurship, leadership and talent management during South Africa’s digital era.

Geopolitical uncertainty - navigating risk

In its 2017 Global Risks report, the World Economic Forum notes that years of building pressure, fuelled by the global financial crisis, crystallised into the dramatic political results we witnessed in many parts of the world during 2016. The implications of Brexit, Donald Trump’s presidential victory in the United States, and the current state of South African politics have been far-reaching – especially when coupled with climate crises such as the severe southern African drought that we are still recovering from. Now is a critical time to consider strengthening cooperation among thought and action leaders. Join us as we discuss ways to manage the geopolitical risk factors that are currently adding to worldwide social, environmental, and economic instability – and affecting local trade.

This unique, one-day conference attended by over 300 leaders, will be hosted at the Sandton Convention Centre on 9 June 2017, with the aim of harnessing the collective intellectual energy of leaders from both the public and private sector.

To book a seat and/or for more information visit the event's website

The Directors Event 2016

Last year’s, second annual The Directors Event took place on Friday, 8 April 2016 at the Sandton Convention Centre, discussed several of the country’s most pressing issues such as innovation, healthcare, education and global competitiveness, in an effort to find sustainable and workable solutions. MMI was proud to be a partner in this meaningful exchange.

Click here for a summary of the discussions.

Watch the 2016 highlights video


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