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Corporate Social Investment

Positive contribution to nation building.

Corporate Social Investment

Well structured, impactful Corporate Social Investment (CSI) has the ability to contribute positively to nation building and drive positive change in the communities.

MMI's commitment to social investment means that we are constantly looking for ways in which we can assist some of South Africa's most vulnerable citizens to expand their horizons and gain greater access to life's opportunities. This means that we do not view social investment as a nice-to-have or as an exercise in marketing or sponsorship but rather as a critical part of our contribution to society.

The MMI Foundation

The MMI Foundation is an independent Section 21 company that integrates the corporate social investment (CSI) initiatives of MMI Holdings and its two client-facing brands Metropolitan and Momentum. The Foundation was set up to distribute CSI funds to non-profit organisations and institutions working towards the development and empowerment of the broader community and is independently run and operated. The Foundation’s mission is to create a society where strong leadership and collaboration help bring about sustained behavioural changes in the fields of health, specifically focusing on the areas of HIV and AIDS, and education.

The Foundation was established in 2009 and initially launched as the Metropolitan Foundation. In December 2010, MMI Holdings was born out of the merger of Momentum and Metropolitan, both of whom have played an important role in socio-economic development and have long standing CSI programmes aligned with national priorities and the Millennium Development Goals. The Foundation has become the CSI arm of MMI Holdings; it is a vehicle through which MMI Holdings fulfils its commitment to socio-economic development, by partnering with government, non-profit organisations and the community at large in the fields of health, disability, education and sports development with the aim of alleviating poverty within communities in South Africa.

Metropolitan CSI

Possibly the greatest need for interventions in South Africa remain among the youth. They not only determine the future of the country but are also at a critical juncture to shape their own future successes. Metropolitan has over the years contributed to youth development through sports, health interventions and educations. Going forward, youth will remain a critical target group.

Momentum CSI

Momentum's focus on persons with disabilities ensures that this community is included and allowed to make their contribution to society. Momentum also plays its role as a driver for quality education through its sport bursary programmes and financial education programmes to youth.

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