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Who we are, and what we do.

Operating Model

The key focus of the MMI strategy and its structure is on building relationships with clients by integrating financial wellness solutions into our engagement with clients. This will allows a deeper understanding of our clients’ needs, circumstances, and preferences thereby allowing MMI to design, deliver and manage holistic lifetime solutions that integrate multiple products and services to guide our clients towards financial wellness.

Segment Business Client Engagement Solutions Product and Solutions Business
Metropolitan Retail
Momentum Retail
Corporate and Public Sector
Africa and South-East Asia
United Kingdom
Financial Wellness
Data Analytics
Investments and Savings
Life Insurance
Short-term Insurance
Lending Solutions
Group-wide functions
Group Finance Risk Management Brand and Corporate Affairs Strategic HR and Transformation Group Infrastructure & Operations
Balance Sheet Management (BSM)

Momentum Retail

Momentum Retail focuses on understanding and meeting the financial wellness needs of consumers in the South African middle to upper income segments. It is responsible for all interaction with clients in these segments, using the distribution and service channels relevant to middle-to-upper income clients.

CEO: Etienne de Waal
Sales and Distribution
Louis Holtzhausen
Client and Intermediary Interactions
Nolan John
Brand and Marketing
Danie van den Bergh
Client Solutions
Teshlin Akaloo
Chief Operating Officer
Johann Jooste
Chief Financial Officer
Jan Lotter
Human Capital
Leroy Moalusi

For more information visit www.momentum.co.za.

Metropolitan Retail

Metropolitan Retail focuses on understanding and meeting the financial wellness needs of consumers in South Africa’s lower income segment. The business is also responsible for client interaction and manages the distribution channels and client service capabilities relevant to their clients.

CEO: Khanyi Nzukuma
Client Solutions
Berniece Hieckmann
RG M Johannesburg
Langithemba Kwinana
RG M Pretoria
Herman Botha
Metropolitan Digital
Nomfundo Mcilongo
RG M Cape Town
Japie Mostert
Chief Operations Officer
Coenie van der Merwe
RG M Durban
Mlungisi Ziqubu
Chief Financial Officer
Shaun Lawton
RG M East London
Colin Richard
Human Resources
Matete Lerutla

For more information visit www.metropolitan.co.za.


The Africa and Asia segment follows a multiple approach in entering new markets including emerging countries such as outside South Africa and further afield such as India. The business is responsible for identifying opportunities for leveraging our financial wellness proposition across multiple segments of the countries where we are represented through multiple distribution channels and using the client facing brand appropriate to the country. It also follows a decentralised operating model in order to drive the strategy of client centricity. In Africa, each country operates autonomously within one of three regional growth hubs: East, South and West. India and Indonesia each constitute a separate hub. A small International Support team functions as an enabler and gateway for the regional hubs into the broader MMI group. The segment currently provides life, short-term and health insurance to groups and individuals (risk and savings) in 14 countries using market appropriate distribution channels and client-facing brands.

Africa and Asia

CEO: Innocent Dutiro
Chief Commercial Officer
Innocent Dutiro*
Chief of Staff & Strategy Officer
Amagyei Busumru-Banson
Chief Operations Officer
Dumo Mbethe
Chief Financial Officer & Chief Risk Officer
Kyansambo Vundla
Southern Africa Region
Frikkie Augustyn
East Africa Region
Innocent Dutiro*
West Africa Region
Livingstone Magorimbo
Jason Nandago
Momentum Liaison Officer: India
Asokan Naidu
Executive: India & South-East Asia
Anthon Swart
Human Resources
Wendy-Anne Naidoo*

United Kingdom

Segment Head: Thinus Alsworth-Elvey
Momentum UK CEO: Ferdinand van Heerden
UK Consumer
Samantha Seaton
Expat Consumer
Stefan Jordaan
SA Offshore Investments
Investment Management
Investment Consulting
Richard Cooper
Corporate Support Services
Jonathan Barnard

Corporate and Public Sector

Corporate and Public Sector serves the financial wellness needs of medium-to-large group clients in the corporate and public sector segments. The business also manages the distribution channels used to interact with clients in these two segments, using either the Momentum, Metropolitan or Guardrisk brand, depending on which is most appropriate to the particular client or sub-segment.

CEO: Thinus Alsworth-Elvey
Large Corporate Segment (Retailisation and Affinity)
Carol Atkinson
Channel (Engagement & Distribution)
Leon Greyling
Large Corporate Segment (EB and Own Risks)
Rowan Burger
Chief Financial Officer (Retains his Guardrisk responsibilities)
Lourens Botha
Medium Corporate Segment
Regard Budler
Chief Risk Officer (Retains his Guardrisk responsibilities)
Maxwell Sibanda
Organised Labour Segment
Nomha Kumalo
HR Operations
Christine Masinga
Organisational Development
Elna van Niekerk
Public sector
Client Engagement Solutions  |  Centres of Excellence
Savings & Investments
Life Insurance
Short-term Insurance
Health Solutions

Products and Solutions

Products and Solutions business designs solutions to meet the financial wellness needs of clients identified by the segment businesses. It was created to establish a single investment capability within the group to align with our outcomes-based investment philosophy.

Client Engagement Solutions

The Client Engagement Solutions area optimises client engagement capabilities and ensures an appropriate focus on this critical part of MMI’s strategy.

Group Finance & Balance Sheet Management

Group Finance & Balance Sheet Management is responsible for the overall financial and balance sheet management of MMI. This includes financial reporting, governance, company secretariat, financial position of shareholders, capital management, corporate action, strategic funding, asset-liability matching and group treasury.

Strategic HR and Transformation

Strategic HR and Transformation is responsible for aligning the human resources strategy and initiatives with MMI’s strategy and operating model, and to co-ordinate MMI’s Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) rating process.

Risk Management

Risk Management is responsible for the co-ordination of all risk management activities throughout MMI. It comprises a multi-disciplinary group of people across MMI working towards effective risk management, and covers all risk types - insurance (including the statutory actuary), credit, market, operational and compliance risks.

Brand and Corporate Affairs

Brand and Corporate Affairs incorporates brand, stakeholder relations, sustainability, corporate communication and corporate social investment. Brand functions are centralised for a more integrated brand strategy for all brands within MMI. MMI will continue to leverage MMI’s strong client-facing brands, including new additions to our portfolio of brands.

Group Infrastructure and Operations

Group Infrastructure and Operations is responsible for steering MMI's new operating model, the division is also responsible for ensuring a secure, sustainable and relevant infrastructure and technology environment that enables the business to achieve its goals.

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