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We enable businesses and
people from all walks of
life to achieve their financial goals
and life aspirations.

Momentum Corporate

Momentum Corporate provides holistic solutions for the needs of corporates and public sector entities.

We have a wide range of solutions available to meet a broad spectrum of needs.

  • Health Management
  • Employee Protection Benefits
  • Workplace Risk Management
  • Employee Financial Vulnerability
  • Business Solutions

Through these, we aim to create shared value on this journey for both us and our partners in Financial Wellness.

The MMI Business Financial Wellness Guide

The tools in our Business Financial Wellness Guide allow us to have meaningful, on-going strategic conversations with you about your business’s needs and goals. This helps us identify where your business is on the road to financial wellness and where there are opportunities to improve and intervene.

All this is done in partnership with you and will result in tailored improvements for your businesses, your employees and communities, and new ways of looking at your business in relation to your peers. These tools include:

Consumer Financial Vulnerability Index

Through our collaboration with UNISA, we identify the specific sub-components that consumers feel are causing financial stress – namely income, expenditure, savings, and debt servicing. Studies show that these fears impact employee productivity and lead to presenteeism; being at work without being focussed or productive.

Effective Employee Index

Studies show that absenteeism costs our country R16 billion a year, while presenteeism can cost up to 4 times more. Tracking employee productivity leads to exponential returns for a business’s Financial Wellness while enhancing the sustainability of the organisation.

Business Benchmark

The insights we get from our Financial Wellness Guide enable us benchmark your Business Financial Wellness relative to your industry peers and business as a whole.

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