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Who we are, and what we do.


MMI is committed to the principles of the code on corporate practices and conduct as espoused in the King Report on Corporate Governance (King IV).

Furthermore, MMI's business philosophy is informed by its values and its desire to be the leading financial services provider on the African continent. Appropriate best practice is adopted and monitored in all the countries where it has operations.

Memorandum of Incorporation

The Memorandum of Incorporation MOI is the founding document of MMI and sets out the rules governing the conduct of the company.

Governance Framework (available on request)

This Framework summarises the principles, methodologies and procedures used in MMI to support effective governance and living our values.

Code of conduct

We will meet clients' needs by providing a range of appropriate, value-for-money financial solutions in our market segments. In support of this vision we will conduct our business ethically. We will therefore do what is right.

Remuneration policy

The main function of the remuneration strategy is to support the HR strategy by helping to build a competitive, high performance and innovative company with an entrepreneurial culture that attracts, retains, motivates and rewards high-performing employees.

King IV application register 2018

Assessment of King principles

In the past, MMI undertook regular assessments on the application and implementation of King III. Post the coming into effect of King IV during April 2017, MMI conducted and considered on its application and adherence to the seventeen King IV principles. The outcome of the assessment reveal that MMI’s governance processes are well entrenched and that the group applies and complies with all the principles of King IV.

MMI will, going forward, make every endeavour to implement the King IV Recommended Practices as far as practically possible for its business.

MMI's report on the application and disclosure of the seventeen King IV principles are available below.

Report by the Social, Ethics and Transformation Committee 2018

Board and Committees

The board of MMI Holdings has been designated as the axis around which the execution of the group's corporate governance revolves. The board is mandated in terms of its charter, and the board committees in terms of their respective terms of reference.

Board committee terms of reference

The Balance Sheet Committee merged with the Risk and Compliance Committee and now functions as the Risk, Capital and Compliance Committee.

Information Policy

This Information Policy deals with compliance requirements in the identification, classification and effect of information about MMI Holdings as a listed company.

Fraud Risk Management Policy

This Fraud Risk Management Policy sets out the mandates, risk appetite, roles as well as responsibilities and the approach to be followed by MMI employees in order to mitigate the risk of commercial crime, acts of bribery and corruption, employee misconduct and money laundering within MMI.

Policy on disclosure of dealings in MMI securities

This document serves as the MMI Board policy for directors regarding dealings in MMI securities. It is intended to provide guidance to MMI directors on the JSE Listing Requirements (“JSE LR”) in respect of their dealings in MMI securities and the procedure to follow with regards to disclosure thereof to MMI.

Addendum to the MMI Holdings Limited policy on disclosure of dealing in MMI securities

This addendum provides guidance to MMI Exco members and MMI staff, on MMI’s policy in their dealings in MMI securities. This addendum should be read in conjunction with the main policy.

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